Roses Colors and their meanings-Let the Beauty and Fragrance of a Rose Touch Your Soul

Let the Beauty and Fragrance of a Rose Touch Your Soul

Valentine day is fast approaching and love is on our minds. It doesn’t matter if you are single, or with your partner for more than fifty years. Every person is capable of loving, and love never fizzles out. It seems like all of you will be shopping for some roses. How about learn about these beauties a bit more and do something different this year?

The beauty of roses has not gone unnoticed by anyone. In fact, it has managed to get the attention of kings, queens, and normal folks from earlier times to those of present age. During the fifteenth century, the conflicts in England became known as the wars of roses, and every rose was used to represent a faction.

But most importantly, a rose has captured the hearts of many great poets, authors, and legendary writers. It’s impossible to step into the realm of literature and not come across the name of roses.

Case in point:

“But he that dares not grasp the thorn, should never crave the rose”– Anne Bronte


"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet"–William Shakespeare

“I feel as if I had opened a book and found roses of yesterday sweet and fragrant, between its leaves.”–L.M Montgomery

While every flower represents certain emotions and feelings, roses stand out because of their intensity. This flower, in general, is symbolic of value, love, and beauty. While a receiver can misinterpret the meaning of other flowers, there’s no mistaking the meaning and purpose behind a rose – or dozens of them.
If you ever find yourself short of words and want to express your feelings vividly, then let us assure you, nothing will do the job better than roses. Allow us to enlighten you with all the different names of roses.

1.     Red Roses

We are all well aware of what red roses stand for. Talk about youthful love, beauty, and passion. But there is another lesser known meaning behind red roses as well. This deep colored rose also symbolizes bravery, respect and a wish of joy.

All red roses are not of the same shade, they differ in tones ranging from deep burgundy and deep red to bright red. Interestingly enough, with each change of shade, the meaning changes too. For instance, burgundy refers to unconscious feelings of love; bright red is just love, whereas crimson is symbolic of sadness, loss a, d mourning.

Rose is such a fascinating flower that even its number and quantity has different meanings. A single red rose is pure, unadulterated love. A bouquet of dozen red roses is for showing gratitude, twenty-five red roses wish congratulations and fifty red roses are for those, you feel unconditional love for.

There are many types of roses and a red rose is no exception. There is an Adrenalin rose which is velvety red and without any thorns. Its leaves are almost as beautiful as its blooms with dark, green refreshing foliage. Then there’s a Super Hero rose. This hybrid rose is relatively recent and disease resistant.

In any case, when you are in doubt and can’t put a finger on your feelings, we suggest you go for red roses.

2.     White Roses

The decency, class, and elegance of white roses are incomparable. When white roses are in the picture, no other flower can upstage it. This is especially remarkable, considering that its petals are stark white in color.    

White rose is used for showing reverence and respect to someone close to you. The pure white blooms are synonymous with admiration, regard, and respect. It has another meaning too, which indicates a pure and innocent love for someone. This is the reason why many brides choose this color for their wedding day. These white flowers even have ancient roots embedded deep in older cultures and to Roman times. White flowers have a famous association with the goddess of love, Aphrodite. It was believed that all the roses used to be white, but then Aphrodite pricked herself with the thorns of the roses and turned all the roses red.

In the romantic times of the Victorian era, white flowers were sent as an indication of showing interest in someone. Suitors would send it to women they liked in order to tell them their plans of pursuing them. White roses have multi-faceted meaning, which is why they can also be sent to friends and family, in addition to lovers.

A bouquet of white roses indicates best wishes for new beginnings. It is also used as a farewell flower when one is departing. White roses are your go-to flowers when you wish to tell someone how much you respect them and are grateful to them.

3.     Purple Roses

Purple roses are simply breathtaking. In fact, they have a magical aura, so much so, that they represent enchantment. Like red roses, purple roses also indicate a love for someone, but of a different kind.

Where red roses speak of love that is deeper and full of passion, purple roses talk of love that almost has a magical effect at first sight. When you find yourself head over heels in love with someone you have just met, or couldn’t stop thinking of a person after your first meeting, then you are in desperate need of purple roses.

The magnetic effect two people feel at their first meeting can only be best described by these magical roses.

That said, purple roses also hide various other meanings. Since purple is a color that is often associated with royalty, this rose holds the same feeling. We all know of someone in our lives who deserves to be treated like a queen or a king. If you always wanted to tell them about their majestic presence, say it with these flowers. The purple petal of these roses also represents opulence and glory.

4.     Pink Roses

If your flower shops get short of red roses this Valentine’s, don’t worry, you can opt for pink roses instead and still convey the same message. While pink roses are not as intense and passionate as red roses, their meaning is still sweet and lovely. A pink rose represents gentleness, admiration, elegance, dignity, happiness, and innocence. Pink roses are most suitable for someone you’ve spent a good portion of your life with and have been with through highs and lows together.

Like red roses, different hues of pink roses have different implications behind them. A deep and dark pink represents gratitude whereas a lighter and paler shade of pink indicates grace and charm.

Wedding anniversaries are good occasions for pink roses, but these flowers can also work perfectly at the beginning of a romance. While red roses indicate pure love, not everyone likes that. Instead of coming on too strong, you can ease your way into someone’s heart with subtle love indicated by pink roses.

The meaning and uses of pink roses don’t end here. The feathery blooms of pink roses are also used for showing gratitude and often sent as a thank you gift to someone who’s been there for you.

5.     Circus Roses

Among all the names of roses, a circus roses IS the most unique one. This name is used for roses that are yellow in color but have bright orange and red colored tips. Circus roses are quite in demand by brides who prefer to have a more traditional touch to their wedding. But that’s not why circus roses are unique. They are distinct because of what they represent – falling in love with your best friend.

Isn’t that sweet?

Yellow roses indicate friendship and red ones indicate love when the two combine and come together to form circus flowers, they tell the receiver that their best find is falling in love with them.

That being said, these roses can also be used for telling someone how much you value their friendship and how you are falling in love with them.

6.     Lavender Roses

There are names of roses for the start of love, a long lasting love and for love that is full of passion. But which rose should you choose when you simply want your relationship and love to grow and bloom every single day? A lavender rose.

This rose will help you say I love you every single day. We all know how love is. One moment you are sure a person loves you with all their heart and the next, you find yourself doubting everything. Lavender roses are for expressing assurances and eagerness. They tell your lover that you are not going anywhere. Your love is not going anywhere. If anything, it is only growing every day.

Lavender rose is very close to meaning with a deep purple rose. This too shows the magical way in which a person fell in love with another. If your love story is something right out a fairytale, then make sure your express your love with this lavender rose. Just like Cinderella and Prince Charming, seal the deal of your love with pretty lavender roses.

7.     Peach roses

Peach rose is all about modesty and innocence. A bouquet of peach roses is suitable for many occasions. Peach rose also indicates politeness and can be given to young girls by young boys who wish to prove their sincerity and earnestness. Peach rose is not necessarily used to express love but rather emotions like missing someone and telling someone how sincere you are. It is also suitable for relationships where love has yet to be felt, but the spark has started.

And most surprisingly, this rose can even be used between two parties, indicating the happy and successful closing of a deal. Peach roses are often chosen by brides for wedding occasions but these beauties also add nice décorto any social gathering.

8.     Orange Roses 

The bashful beauty of orange roses stands for modesty and is a perfect start for a budding relationship. The orange blooms also indicate enthusiasm and captivation with someone, much like purple roses but a little toned down. Where purple roses show complete enchantment with someone, orange roses indicate a slight attraction and admiration of the other person. The curious orange color also represents a fascination with someone and could be sent to a person you truly admire and are fascinated with. This could be their beauty, intelligence or r talent and it could even be sent to competitors as a sign of respect.

The bright fiery orange petals are more intense in their meanings and are used to express feelings of passion and excitement for someone. Orange roses come in a plethora of forms, similar shades and hues, each with distinct meanings and symbolism. One such name for orange roses is salmon rose. The petals of salmon roses are darker than peach but lighter than orange. This rose is used to express desire and excitement for someone.

Here is a little helpful guide for presenting someone with roses, regardless of the color and name:

  • A single rose can be used to tell someone that you are grateful to them. In other words, it’s a thank you.
  • Secret admirers take note. Send the love of your life thirteen roses.
  • Want to assure someone that you truly and deeply love them? The number of roses should be eleven.
  • Sometimes, there’s an actual message behind roses and a bouquet of six roses is just that. A person is trying to tell you that they need to be loved and cherished.
  • And last, but certainly not the least, when you receive two roses entwined together, someone is asking you to marry them.

We urge you to remember the names of roses truly well. These roses give a better name to your feelings than words do. So reach out to the fastest and most reliable flower delivery shop and place your orders. Whatever you decide, make sure you decide fast because time and tide wait for no one.