Coping with Loss-How Funeral Flowers help in healing

Coping with loss—How funeral flowers help in healing

The way flowers convey a message to other people can’t be substituted with any other thing. Sometimes you don’t need words to express your grief. You can help others cope with their loss by sending some funeral flowers.


Flowers are the earth’s treasures that have the power to express almost any type of emotion through their colors, shape, and patterns. From weddings to funerals, there is a type of flower for every occasion.

History of funeral flowers

In ancient times, the purpose for funeral flowers was to mask the decomposing body smell of the deceased person. With time, people also realized that flowers not only helped to mask the smell but also to help in healing the bereaved ones. They provide comfort to people with their beauty and their fragrant smell.

Funeral flowers and their significance

No matter when you hear of the sad demise of anybody and what your relationship is to that person, it is always a good idea to send over flowers to express your condolences and feelings of sadness.

Here are just some of the reasons why funeral flowers are always the right choice for helping someone cope with their loss:


Attending someone’s funeral is basic courtesy and decency that anyone can do. You can make excuses for not showing up at someone’s wedding or birthday party but it is always common courtesy to show up at someone’s funeral even if it is as brief as 10-15 minutes. Showing up matters a lot to the ones who are dealing with a death in the family. If you show up with some funeral flowers then it would mean the world to them that you were courteous enough to come to share their grief.




Showing that you care

Funeral flowers show that you care to anyone who might be going through one of the saddest moments in their life. You can bring those flowers to the funeral, get flower delivery to the funeral home before the service, or you can even send them to the person’s home if you weren’t able to make it to the funeral.

Expressing feelings

As mentioned before, flowers can convey your message even if you can’t find appropriate words to comfort someone. Just looking at the flowers will express your feelings and bring warmth instantly to anyone who receives it.


Flowers are heavily embedded with symbolism of all sorts. If given as funeral flowers, they show that the person who passed away lived a beautiful life. Their fragrance permeates throughout the atmosphere symbolizing the joy or comfort the person who passed away spread in the world. And of course, since flowers wilt and decay, they also symbolize that everyone passes away and leaves this world. It is inevitable and the ultimate truth that the life of a human also blooms, blossoms, and wilts like a flower.

Bringing joy

Although there is no joy in losing a loved one, funeral flowers help one remind that life is beautiful, and we should value it while it lasts. Everyone is on their journey in life and just because this life’s journey is over, who knows what lies ahead in the world. Flowers have been scientifically proven to improve a person’s mood and health. Being connected to nature is every human being’s primal need; therefore, flowers always act as great mood boosters for everyone. If you bring or send funeral flowers, you will be uplifting the mood of the person suffering from grief.


It is sort of an unspoken custom to bring flowers for healing. People bring them to hospitals when someone is recovering from a loss or they also bring them as funeral flowers. Either way, they work best to bring comfort and healing to the affected person.




Showing respect

Funeral flowers are also used as a token of respect to the one who has passed away. They symbolize a positive life lived and comfort in the journey ahead.

Regardless of what one’s beliefs are about a person’s passing, funeral flowers serve their purpose and show respect to the deceased by bringing their beauty, fragrance, and comfort to the funeral service.


Many spiritual traditions believe that flowers help carry the spirit or relieve the burden on a person’s spirit. Others simply used it for adding more beauty to a deceased person like floral crowns or cuffs on the person. Whatever a person’s religious view is, the presence of flowers at the funeral service makes it very comforting for everyone.


Here are a few things that you can do with funeral flowers:

Choosing flowers wisely

There are hundreds of kinds of flowers and you must be really careful as to what flowers to omit at the funeral service. You can’t simply send brightly colored or strong-smelling flowers to the people suffering a loss because that would seem very insensitive and ignorant on your part. You have to do a little research as to which flowers to get first. Fret not as we have narrowed down a list of flowers that you can easily use and some ideas as to how to present them to the people:


Lilies are one of the most popular flowers to use on funerals. The fact that they come in a variety of colors works really well because you can use their white variety. White symbolizes purity and innocence. Therefore, by using them as funeral flowers, you are indirectly saying that the person who passed away lived a life of purity and innocence.

If you don’t want to use the white lily, you can use stargazer lilies as they are also used as sympathy flowers.

Placing a lily plant such as this at the funeral service will be a good idea if you are hosting the funeral. If you are the attendee, then bringing over a small bouquet or sending over one to a person’s home is the right way to go about.



Carnations usually last longer and have a unique fragrance to them; therefore, they are perfect for expressing your condolences to bereaving people. Carnations signify that the memories of the deceased person will last a long time in the minds of the people that were left behind and they will always carry with them sweet recollections of all the times spent with the person. Carnations come in elegant baskets as well such as this one. They also symbolize pure love, so if the person deceased or his/her family member is close to you, they show that you love and care about their loss.


Roses might be known popularly for being the flowers to express romance, but did you know that you can also use them as for sympathy as funeral flowers? You don’t have to send a red rose bouquet but a floral arrangement containing some white or pink flowers add warmth and comfort for those suffering the loss.


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