Exotic Flowers

The World Of Exotic Flowers

There is just something about exotic and tropical flowers that win the hearts of all flora and fauna enthusiasts. Flower lovers always appreciate and marvel at the beauty of exotic flowers because they are not easily grown everywhere and even if they are grown, they require special care and attention to bloom.

What are tropical and exotic flowers?

Tropical flowers are those flowers that naturally grow in tropical climates. They thrive, bloom and blossom there because the climatic conditions are suitable to their kind.

Difference between tropical and exotic flowers

People use the two terms interchangeably thinking that tropical flowers and exotic flowers are the same things but there is a slight difference in their meaning. While tropical flowers belong to the tropical regions of the world, they become exotic to the places they aren’t naturally found. Therefore, a tropical flower can be exotic but not every exotic flower would be a tropical flower. Since the Americas and Europe are not tropical regions, almost all the tropical flowers are considered exotic flowers there.

Climatic conditions for tropical flowers

Tropical regions are non-arid places where there is plenty of sunshine and rainfall throughout the year. There might be lots of heat but that is also balanced out by heavy rainfall almost every day.  That is why tropical rainforests have some of the most exotic types of plants thriving there. Each region has a different set of plants and flowers that add their beauty and charm to the environment.

Where do they grow?

Geographically speaking, tropical and/or exotic flowers grow in regions that are close to the center of the earth in the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn. These regions include the Amazon Basin in Brazil, Hawaii, India, West Africa, Indonesia, Philippines, Southern China, etc.

Most popular tropical flowers

Here are the 6 most beautiful tropical flowers that everyone should get for themselves or for their loved ones:


Orchids are some of the most unique exotics flowers. They have grown in popularity a lot in the last few decades and you can see them as part of the floral decoration in weddings or as floral gift baskets at other events. They come in different varieties in terms of shape, color, and size and make any place come to life. The orchid family has hundreds of different species that grow in the tropical regions and are also grown naturally in the US. The best part about them is that not only are they quite beautiful, but they also tend to bloom for a longer period.


Jasmine flowers have this simple yet pure beauty about them. They are all growing and have a strong fragrance that can enamor any person or permeate completely in a room or garden. There are over 200 species of jasmine that are spread across different parts of Eurasia. They might be simple white flowers, but they have one of the most distinct and fragrant smells in the world of flowers. They are specially cultivated and grown for their smell alone and are used for perfumery as well. So, if you are thinking about giving someone some exotic or tropical flowers, be sure to have jasmine on your list.


When it comes to tropical and exotic flowers belonging to hot and humid regions, you can’t ignore the hibiscus flowers. Native to places like Malaysia, Hawaii, Haiti, and India, these blossoming beauties have a charm of their own.  You must have seen native island girls having a flower in their hair. It is mostly the hibiscus flower that is adorning their hair. Hibiscus flowers also have hundreds of species and they thrive in warm and humid regions.

Calla lilies

They don’t belong to the lily family per se, but they are referred as lilies because of their shape and color. The only difference is that they have a slightly more curved shape and come in a variety of colors just like the lily. They are perfect for giving as bouquets or floral displays.

Birds of paradise

Don’t be fooled by their name as they are some of the most enchanting and captivating flowers on the planet. They are called birds of paradise because of their shape and colors. Their petals look as if they are unique birds from a distance but at close inspection, you would see that they are gorgeous and delicate flowers that deserve a lot of admiration. Their beauty is unmatched in the worlds of flowers as each flower looks like a bird flapping its wings in the air.  If you really want to surprise someone, then sending over a floral basket of these beauties will definitely serve their purpose.

Pink Lilies

Lilies are everyone’s favorite. Besides roses, lilies are the go-to flowers that almost anyone would pick for any of their floral arrangements. They come in a wide variety and have different colors and shapes. One such is the pink lily. Pink lilies have a subtle hue on their petals as if the white lily blushed and left a light rosy tint behind. They are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries and décor at other events.

Why give someone exotic flowers?

Here are the reasons why you should be giving the special people in your life exotic and tropical flowers:

They serve as great reminders

Just like the flowers are unique, hard to find and have a breathtaking beauty, you remind the person their presence in your life has a similar effect. Exotic and tropical flowers make one feel truly special and cared for and never fail to bring joy to someone.

They symbolize celebration

Just like their uniqueness and charm, you also remind others of their times of celebration that their achievements are astounding and unique as well. Their achievements and whatever they are celebrating (graduation, promotion, birthday, anniversary, childbirth, etc.) are the hallmarks or milestones of their life and are worth recognition and admiration.

They are perfect to say ‘I love you’

We all know that flowers serve as great tools of communication in romance, but you can take things up a few notches in your level of commitment to the other person by giving them exotic flowers. It shows that you walked the extra mile just to show how much the other person means to you.

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