Types of Exotic Flowers

Exotic Flowers That Are Amazingly Gorgeous

We have an extensive variety of flowers to offer for décor and events, but our exotic flowers are some of the most gorgeous ones.


Be it your mind, your eyes, or your heart, flowers have the ability to affect them all in the most positive of ways and bring a delightful smile on every face. In addition to being all pretty, flowers are extraordinarily beneficial for our health as well.

The natural fragrance and colors of beautiful flowers allow them to enhance our emotional well-being and provide an increased aesthetic appeal. But even in the beautiful world of flowers, there are some that are breathtakingly gorgeous and their exquisiteness knows no limits.   

If you wish to have that extra oomph at your event and want to create jaw-dropping visuals for everyone who walks through your doorway, then you must be introduced to these exotic flowers.

Let’s learn a little more about these flowers.

·        Exotic Flowers 

Exotic flowers are all those unique and astounding flowers that are found on far-off lands. They are mostly of foreign origin and not readily available at home and neither can they be grown just anywhere. This rarity increases their significance and makes them into something outlandishly beautiful, which they most definitely are.

The exotic flower is a wider umbrella term that includes all those flowers that come from tropical lands, from Hawaii and other far-off lands.

·        Tropical Flowers

There are places around the world where the sun shines bright right on top of them at least one time during the solar year. The best part about these countries that lie smack dab in the middle of the globe is that they are native lands to some of the most beautiful exotic flowers.

The tropical flowers grow in places where the surrounding is lush green and alluring year round. These flowers come from the far-off lands of Amazon, Congo, Indonesia and so on.

·        Hawaiian Flowers 

Do you know that every breeze of Hawaiian air smells like flowers? That’s because this land is home to some of the most iconic flowers in the world. Flowers from the Hawaiian region are divinely fragrant and strikingly beautiful.

The tropical flowers found in Hawaii are used for flower arrangements all over the world. They are also used for lei, flower crowns and for décor purposes. 

It’s hard to get your hands on these exotic, Hawaiian and tropical flowers, but it’s not entirely impossible.

 Some of the most gorgeously exotic flowers that can bring life and color to your events and in your life are the following:

·        Birds of Paradise

The exotic appeal of Birds of Paradise is in its very unusual and beautiful shape. They are also known by the name of crane flowers and are native to South Africa. They are named after their very unusual appearance. If you’ll look at these beautiful blooms, you’ll get the impression of watching several brightly colored birds in flight. The blooms uncannily resemble a bird’s beak and head plumage.

Imagine having that beauty inside your home or sending it to someone and making their day with the birds of paradise sitting at their doorstep. That’d be a sight to behold.

The birds of paradise are as tall as 4 to 5 feet, therefore not only are they gorgeous, but they’re also ostentatious. The leaves of birds of paradise are slightly bluish and green in color and the midribs are dark red. The petals of these blooms are brilliant orange too which are made even more prominent by their tongue-shaped texture. And if you are lucky, you might even be blessed to see their stark white flower.  

In addition to having an eye-catching appearance, birds of paradise are also symbolically upbeat. This flower is all about paradise and freedom and flying and all the joy that comes with it.  Know a person who is frustrated with their limited choices? Surprise them with a bouquet of birds of paradise and let them draw inspirations from it.

·        Hibiscus

The yellow hibiscus might be the official state flower of Hawaii, but the accolade to its beauty is paid everywhere in the world, by people adorning their homes with its beauty.

 Hibiscus is not just yellow but allows florists to be artistic and all kinds of inventive with its bold red, white, pink, orange, peach, purple and even intermingled colors. The hibiscus blooms are huge and manifesting with their trumpet-like shape. And their symbolic meaning is fitting too.

If you ever feel tongue-tied around women you love, admire and respect, then a Hibiscus bouquet is just what you need to send them. Hibiscus means, a perfect wife, or a woman.

Even in the romantic Victorian era, a man would acknowledge a woman’s delicate beauty by surprising her with a bunch of hibiscuses. Why be all cliché and corny, when hibiscus is there to deliver the world classically.

·        Gardenia

The gardenias are another exotic delightful delights and a sight for sore eyes. These beauties are found in pale yellow or white colors. Their native tropical and subtropical lands are southern Asia, Africa, and Australia.

The gardenias are extremely aromatic, and their presence demands attention. Getting these flowers can make anyone’s day.

·        Ginger

Most of us have spent our lives thinking that ginger is just a spice found in our kitchens. If we’d only see the ginger flowers that grow in the Hawaiian land, we’d only be regretting not knowing about them earlier.

Gingers enjoy the nature’s gift of being blessed with the most uniquely shaped petals and colors. Their rare looks make them ideal for landscaping and decorating. The torch ginger found in Hawaii is the most flamboyant one of the lot. Not only are these gingers large, but also have a strange resemblance to a burning torch.  Even one single stem of torch ginger in a flower arrangement can draw every eye in the room towards it, and that is the extent of its delicacy and charm.

One of the most incomparable exotic flowers is the red ginger. The petals of these flowers form a clump together and their scented bloom attracts bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. But that’s not surprising at all, their beauty and fragrance even catches the eyes of us humans and automatically draws us towards its unique beauty. It is used to make some of the best centerpieces.

·        Orchids

Orchid is a worldwide favorite Hawaiian flower. And orchids are wide-ranging in their types, colors, and growth. One type of orchid that grows quite well in Hawaii is Dendrobium orchids. These beautiful blooms are found in Hawaii, closely attached to trees. But that is just one type of orchid; there are as much as 2500 different types of them.  Have you seen all those breathtaking colors of the rainbow? Well, orchids come in all of them.

Orchids also enjoy a wide-ranging color palette. Different types of orchids have distinctive blooms and different hues. You’ll find orchids in purple, white, white and purple, pink and white, greenish yellow with red fringes and much, much more.

Hawaiian flowers like orchids are the idealistic flora of florists.  They allow them to be as creative as they want to craft a unique décor every time they try their hand at orchids. Orchids have quite a history too. In ancient China, orchids were used to fight diseases and cure coughs. The Aztecs too were very fond of orchids and used to ingest vanilla orchid flowers with chocolate to build their strengths and muscles.


·        Jasmine

Jasmine is one of the tougher exotic flowers they survive the harsh cold winds of winter and appear all blooming and refresh during Christmas and New Year's Eve celebrations. The soft and soothing aroma of jasmine has made it one of the beauty staples as it helps in relaxing and in creating a peaceful environment.

Jasmine’s diversity knows no bounds.  With 200 species, Jasmine exoticness can be found in most flower bouquets and arrangements. The night blooming jasmines make a gorgeous filler flower with its long stems and small attractive blooms, while others like Mesnyi gives off a cascading appearance, and are perfect to decorate the archways and awnings.

Another exotic jasmine flower that has a distinctive beauty and an amazing fragrance is the August beauty. This flower has a velvet like petals that have a sheer white and creamy yellow color. It makes one think of summer breezes and good things. August beauty is indeed an attention-grabbing exotic flora that brings its surrounding to lives.

In Hawaii, Jasmine is given the name Pikake, which translates into the peacock. It is present in such abundance in Hawaii, that Jasmine’s smell is considered the signature smell of Hawaii itself.  

·        Angel’s Trumpet

This tropical flower definitely has a flair for drama. From its name to the way it hangs upside down like bells, Angel’s Trumpets sure know how to seek the attention. And honestly, it deserves every bit of it. When nature gives you tropical flowers like Angel’s Trumpets, you cannot waste your time, not knowing about them.

When the florists arrange these beauties in their arrangements, centerpieces and flower baskets they sure stand out in the crowd. Angel’s trumpets are grown in the native lands of South America and they grow as huge as 10 to 20 feet tall. Their color palette ranges far and wide. From White, pink and yellow to peach and purple, Angel’s Trumpets are readily available to complement any type of flower arrangement.  


·        Dutch Amaryllis

The Dutch Amaryllis is another exotic flower that comes all the way from the vast, lush and green lands of Southern Africa and of course Netherlands. This Exotic flower of Dutch Amaryllis appears bulb-like in shape and comes in colors of red, pink, orange, and white. This flower is often considered the heart and soul of winters and it even matches the description with its light peach and snow white tones.

They are distinctive to charismas celebrations and widely employed during celebrations.  When the crafty florists arrange them into wreaths, baskets, centrepieces and, bouquets, they stick out as something extremely beautiful and distinct.  

The petals of Dutch Amaryllis grow in fours and fives and are trumpet-like in shape and are ostentatiously beautiful. 

·        Calla Lilies

These strangely named exotic flowers are beautiful blooms sent to us from the grassy, marshy and leafy lands of Southern Africa. We say strangely named because despite being named lilies, these flowers are not really lilies.

The word Calla is Greek term meaning beauty, which this flower indeed has. Calla Lilies come in an assortment of colors like yellow, pink, purple and orange. Their petals are trumpet-shaped with an elegantly slender stem. They are one of the best choices to use in flower bouquets and centerpieces.

·        Heliconia

Heliconia belongs to the tropical lands of Americas and some of the Pacific Islands. The Heliconia blooms are the epitome of exotic appeal with their pretty looks. The visual aesthetics of these flowers are extremely eye-catching with geometric patterns and bright, vibrant petals.  

 The modern and contemporary flower bouquets are incomplete without the addition of heliconias.  With a thoughtful and creative mind, heliconia can be paired with other exotic flowers and placed into vases and bouquets to create some of the most beautiful home décor pieces.

Artistically tempting and extraordinarily fragrant, these exotic flowers are Nature’s gift to the vulnerable strong humans to express their feelings, send the humblest of messages and show support and solidarity with others.

That being said, it is not easy to get your hands on these gorgeous exotic, tropical and Hawaiian flowers until you know exactly which flower shop to go to. Which is why you must check us out and bring these rare beauties home. 

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