Why Every Woman Loves Birthday Flowers at Work

Why Every Woman Loves Birthday Flowers at Work

Women love to feel special, especially in front of coworkers at the office. Birthday flowers are a perfect way to show you care. Here's how to do it right!

It's your sweetheart's birthday, and you want to do something special. You consider sending birthday flowers but wonder where you should send them. Should you send them to work?

The answer is a resounding YES. It's true that unexpectedly receiving flowers can be a little embarrassing. But only in a "look how desirable I am" kind of way.

The bottom line is that most working women are secretly hoping that one day, someone will send them flowers at work. They may not admit to it, but it's a fact.

We're going to spend some time talking about the history of gifting flowers to a loved one, some things to consider when sending flowers, and some great ways to select an arrangement that she'll love!

Let's start with how all this flower business got started.

Tradition of Giving Flowers

The tradition of giving flowers dates back thousands of years when flowers were used for medicinal purposes. Giving flowers was a charitable and kind thing to do and a way to help and express healing for one another.

Fast forward a few thousand years, and we see evidence of flowers given as gifts in ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Chinese writings. Archaeologists have uncovered flower petals in several ancient burial grounds.

The Greeks considered flowers to be quite important and as a result, they are written into many myths. In one famous myth, the handsome Adonis is killed by a wild boar. The goddess Aphrodite is so crushed; she creates the red poppy from his blood to remember him by.

Floriography, or the language of flowers, came into fashion during the Victorian era. The Victorians were a very chaste bunch. They didn't believe in expressing their emotions and needed another outlet to display their affection.

Instead, they used flowers as a way to express their feelings for one another. Victorians spent great effort in gathering and gifting bouquets of flowers to express very specific meanings.

I'll tell you more about the specific meanings for different types of flowers later in the post when we discuss choosing which type of flower you want to send as part of your birthday flower arrangement.

Why Women Love Birthday Flowers

While men often second-guess themselves about the decision to give flowers (they die, they are expensive, they are cliche?), I find most women adore flowers for all occasions, especially birthdays. If you're on the fence as to why she may or may not like them, let's consider the reasons why she may love them.

Tradition of Flowers

As we discussed above, giving flowers to a romantic interest is a tradition dating back over hundreds of years.

More important than historical tradition, gifting flowers was also likely a tradition in her family. Her grandfather gave her grandmother birthday flowers. Her father gave them to her mother.


Flowers remind most of us of joyful occasions - weddings, Valentine's Day, and Mother's Day just to name a few.

Flowers have also been scientifically linked to romance. Psychologists found that flowers make most women more receptive to men's advances.

Based on a study published in the Journal of Social Psychology, the research found that "Flowers reflect our emotions and moods. They often convey feelings of compassion, regret, merriment or even romance. The results confirm the effect of exposure to flowers on receptivity to a romantic request."


Whether it's lilies or roses, gardenias or freesia, a bouquet of flowers can make an entire room smell delightful. Not only do they look beautiful, but they smell beautiful too.

Because our sense of smell is very closely linked with memory, a wonderful smelling bouquet of birthday flowers can leave a lasting positive impression.

Chocolate Alternative

While chocolate is a decadent and delicious gift, it may not be the best gift idea to celebrate a birthday.

For someone who is more health-conscious or on a diet, the benefit of birthday flowers is that they are easier on the waistline than a box of chocolates.

If she loves chocolate, it pairs very well with a beautiful bouquet of flowers!

Visual Reminder

Flowers are not only beautiful to look at, but they're a constant reminder of both you and her birthday!

They bring freshness and beauty to any room, but can also be a great reminder of a romantic dinner or other birthday gift or event that the two of you shared.

Mental Health Benefits

Flower power is real! Research has shown that flowers are great for our mental health!

A study in 2008 by Mattson and Park found that patients in hospital rooms filled with flowers needed less pain medication were less anxious and tired and were more positive.

Another study showed that plants in the workplace improved cognitive performance and brainstorming - so send those birthday flowers to work and watch her career thrive!

Should I Send Birthday Flowers to Work

While every woman loves birthday flowers, there are a few things you should consider before sending them to work.

Relationship Length

Have you been dating or married a long time or is this a new and budding romance? I always tell clients that flowers are an appropriate gift regardless of whether you've been dating a few days or a few years.

However, if the relationship is new, your significant other may still want to keep it under wraps, so you may consider having flowers delivered to her home instead.

Work Environment

Birthday flowers are a fabulous idea if she works in a more traditional office setting where she has a desk or other space to display her flowers.

If your wife or girlfriend works in a retail environment or in a position where she's field-based and not really in an office, it may make more sense to have the flowers delivered elsewhere.

How Do I Choose the Right Birthday Flowers

I hear this question a lot from men trying to choose an arrangement for their loved ones for their birthday.

The good news is that even if you unknowingly select a flower, she doesn't like, most women are grateful for the gesture.

If you're unfamiliar with your wife or girlfriend's favorite flower, you can make a selection using a few different criteria.

Consider the Vessel

Flower arrangements come in all shapes and sizes - and that includes the vessel in which they're arranged.

Some bouquets are arranged in traditional glass vases, but others are in baskets, bowls, or decorative vases.

Whether your significant other loves things that are more traditional or has a flair for more modern designs, you can find an arrangement to suit her desires.

Floral Design

Many florists offer a wide array of arrangements created just for birthdays!

Choose anything from a cheerful bouquet of gerbera daisies in a simple glass vase to a sophisticated arrangement of orchids in a wooden planter.

Regardless of the type of flowers your wife prefers, you can visit our wonderful selection of birthday flowers and choose the one that you feel is right for your loved one.

Birth Flower

Just like birthstones, did you know that each month also has a birth flower?

For a truly thoughtful bouquet of birthday flowers, send your loved one a bouquet of the blooms associated with the month in which her birthday falls.

For example, the birth flower for April is the daisy. We have a wide selection of daisy arrangments you can send as the perfect gift!

Here's a full list of flowers by birth month:

January - carnation and snowdrop

February - violet and primrose

March - daffodil and jonquil

April - daisy and sweet pea

May - lily of the valley and hawthorn

June - rose and honeysuckle

July - larkspur and water lily

August - gladiolus and poppy

September - aster and morning glory

October - marigold and cosmos

November - chrysanthemum

December - narcissus (paperwhite) and holly

Flower Meaning

As I mentioned earlier, the deeper meaning behind flowers became more pronounced and celebrated during the Victorian Era.

During that time, a whole romantic language developed around the giving and receiving of flowers.

From the size and type of a flower to the way it was presented conveyed layers of meaning and communicated a gentleman's feelings and intentions. Each bouquet contained a secret message for a lady to eagerly interpret and endlessly dissect.

While these meanings have changed over time, it's still a neat tradition to carry forward.

Check out some of the meanings behind these popular flowers from the Farmer's Almanac:

Bluebell - humility

Calla lily - beauty


  • red carnation - admiration, my heart aches
  • pink carnation - I'll never forget you
  • white carnation - pure love, innocence, women's good luck gift
  • yellow carnation - rejection, disappointment

Chrysanthemum - cheerfulness

Daffodil - regard

Daisy - hope, innocence

Gardenia - secret love

Geranium - true friendship

Holly - hope

Honeysuckle - bonds of love


  • white hyacinth - loveliness, prayers
  • purple hyacinth - regret, forgiveness
  • blue hyacinth - constancy of love
  • yellow hyacinth - jealousy

Iris - a message

Jasmine - sweet love

Lavender - virtue, devotion

Lily of the valley - beauty

Lotus - rebirth, enlightenment, purity, self-regeneration

Magnolia - love of nature

Morning glory - affection

Pansy - thoughts

Peony - happy marriage, happy life

Poppy - consolation


  • pink rose - happiness
  • red rose - desire, I love you
  • white rose - heavenly, I'm worthy of you, purity
  • yellow rose - jealousy, loss of love

Sunflower - adoration

Sweetpea - pleasures


  • yellow tulip - sunshine in your smile
  • red tulip - declaration of love

Violet - devotion, modesty, faithfulness, loyalty

Ask the Florist

Flowers are our passion, and that's what we're here for!

We can tell you which flowers are in season, which of our arrangements are the most popular and most loved by our clients or make a recommendation based on your budget.

Whether you know what kinds of flowers and colors she likes, or are flying blind, we're happy to recommend and create the perfect bouquet or arrangement.

Where to Buy Birthday Flowers

Yes, I may be a bit biased here because I'm a florist, but hear me out!

There are some great "deals" to be had in a grocery store, but there are a few important reasons to buy your flowers from a high-quality florist.


Grocery stores won't deliver flowers, and that's part of the fun, especially for special occasions.

There's something very romantic about receiving flowers via delivery because you imagine someone else is thinking of you at that very moment!


Traditional grocery stores often lack the selection of flowers that you can find at a florist or floral designer.

Unless you're looking for roses or carnations, you're better off checking with a local florist who will offer a much wider selection of blooms.

Life Span

Birthday flowers from a florist will stay fresher because professional florists are trained in caring for them. Whether it's feeding, storing, or changing the water for the flowers, florists tend to take better care of their flowers.

Supermarket flowers are likely to wilt more quickly because of their proximity to the produce section. Fruits and vegetables give off ethylene which shortens the lifespan of fresh cut flowers.

Floral Design

Florists are knowledgeable and passionate about flowers. They can create some gorgeous arrangements based on their extensive training and experience.

While some grocery stores offer some pretty bouquets, they often do not match the sophistication in design available from a florist.

Luxury Packaging

Flowers purchased from a florist can be wrapped in luxury packaging, whether they are wrapped with special ribbon, or purchased and delivered in a special vase or container.

Arrangements purchased from a florist have a higher-end, more polished look.

Customer Service

If you go into the supermarket looking for a suggestion, you're much more likely to leave disappointed.

An experienced florist will give you advice and guidance that helps you deliver an extremely beautiful and moving bouquet to your desired recipient.

Looking for the Perfect Birthday Flowers - We Can Help

Whether it's more convenient for you to visit our shop in Scottsdale, or order your bouquet online - we'd love to help! We pride ourselves on exceptional service, have same day delivery available, and have a customer guarantee.

Contact us to order the perfect flowers for your loved one!