7 Unique Flowers You Need To Know About Before Ordering

Did you know the lotus was considered sacred by ancient Egyptians? And they used the lotus to send off their deceased through specialized burial ceremonies.

The lotus blooms in rivers and moist areas and lay dormant and protected throughout periods of water scarcity. Then it re-emerges once more when water becomes plentiful.

This process is what the Egyptians saw as symbolizing resurrection and eternal life.

In addition to the lotus, there are dozens of other rare Flowers you can bring into your life.

For a unique touch at your event, an unusual and jaw-dropping gift, or just for the flower enthusiast, exotic blooms go above and beyond to make your arrangement special and beautiful.

Let's take a look at 7 unique flowers you need to know about before ordering a creation.

1. Dendro Orchid

Whether for the joyous occasion of a wedding or the somber ambiance of a funeral, the Dendro Orchid will always deliver.

There are more than 1,000 kinds of Dendro Orchids and various hybrids. Each type varies in size, shape, color and care requirements. But all offer a wonderfully intoxicating scent.

With their vibrantly violet or indigo blooms, the Dendro Orchid will brighten up any event. Through a hint of white in the center of the luscious purple hue, these rare flowers give your space an added flare unparalleled by any other.

2. Cymbidium Orchid

The Cymbidium Orchid offers a range of colors to choose among. From green and orange to yellow and magenta, these unique flowers provide a sophisticated air to the occasion.

With a plentiful season between October and May, the Cymbidium Orchid is available through most of the year.

Once cut, these unique flowers will last for weeks if given the affection and care most flower-lovers offer. Snipping the ends and refreshing the water will help keep your Cymbidium Orchids lively and inviting.

3. Pink Lilies

As their name suggests, pink lilies are brilliantly pink in color and offer you an invigorating in scent.

The lily has a symbolic element not as common in other unique flowers. It is connected to the mythical story of Zeus and Hera.

Based on this legend, Zeus desired that his son Hercules drink milk from Zeus' wife Hera. And Hera, not being the child's mother, refused.

After nightfall, Zeus brought the baby to suckle while Hera was asleep. But she awoke and pushed them away. And the trickle of milk from her breast fell to the floor and grew into lilies.

The lily has come to represent rebirth and motherhood, fertility and good luck. And it is known for adding an air of comfort and civility to gatherings.

4. Birds of Paradise

Whether you prefer the simplest or the most exotic flowers, Birds of Paradise is a great choice.

These spindly and strikingly bright flowers vary in color and size. As their name hints, these unique flowers have become the embodiment of anticipation and excitement as well as joy and laughter.

Originating in South Africa, the tropical flower carries the nickname "Crane Flower". The Birds of Paradise get their name from the fact that the bloom is made up of 3 vibrant orange petals and 3 blue petals. And these petals are joined together into a single bud.

When these rare flowers bloom, every petal expands. And the culmination resembles the shape of a tropical bird flying high above the clouds.

Many people who collect these unique flowers see the flowers as symbols of

  • Love, affection, connection, fidelity, and thoughtfulness, leading to its popularity as a romantic gift
  • Expansion and amazement in the cosmos
  • An optimistic outlook on life
  • A couple's ninth wedding celebration

5. Hydrangea

Perhaps you've spent time growing your own flowers. Maybe you've spent hours trying to keep your plants fresh and lasting as long as possible.

With the hydrangea, you'll find it a pleasant addition to any garden. But it also requires quite the time commitment.

When you order unique flowers, you can pick the ones you want without the hassles of growing them yourself.

From a subtle pink to a striking blue to a deep purple, the hydrangea offers a wide array of options to choose from when ordering a creation.

These bunched flowers are popular as a gift to one's love, as the pink hydrangea has come to communicate, "you are the beat of my heart."

6. Flowering Ginger

Most of us know ginger for its role in spicy Indian dishes and the part it plays in relieving nausea and its anti-inflammatory properties.

But did you know there's such thing as beautiful and coveted flowering ginger?

Whether you're in the mood for yellow or orange, pink or red, flowering ginger can meet your floral needs. With its exotic appeal and attractive foliage and blooms, flowering ginger is a great addition to any order.

Flowering, or ornamental, ginger is different from the ginger that may be in your spice cabinet. With tropical and sub-tropical varieties, the flowering ginger plant

There are 7 primary varieties of flowering ginger. These include:

  1. Malay ginger- ruffled white or pink blooms with yellow centers
  2. Torch ginger- a red, orange or pink variety
  3. Oxblood ginger- white and pink flowers with a deep purple-reddish hue to the underside of their leaves.
  4. Shell ginger- described as a "string of pearls," clusters of white and/or pink
  5. Butterfly ginger- pink and red flowers known for their intoxicating fragrance
  6. Pineapple ginger- bright red and waxy and shaped like a pineapple
  7. Red ginger- red and white flower spikes

7. Gladiolas

Quite popular among its unique flower peers, the gladiola comes in a large range of color. This flower sometimes referred to as the "sword lily," boasts a bright orange and yellow, light purple, subtle pink and a deep red.

These flowers are commonly grown in South Africa, Mediterranean Europe, Asia and tropical Africa. Gladiolas are also the flower for the fortieth wedding anniversary and the flower of the August birthday.


Unique Flowers Creations

From aesthetic appeal to their mental health benefits, flowers can offer you such joy and harmony for any event. Or they can communicate a soft, "I feel your pain" for the somber occasion.

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