Everything You Need To Know Before You Send Orchids

Everything You Need To Know Before You Send Orchids

Orchids are one of the most common flowers used to represent love and beauty, but what other meanings do you need to know before you send orchids to anyone

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Orchids are delicate flowers that require tender care. They are also one of the most sought-after flowers in the world.

These simply gorgeous and exotic flowers derive from many regions throughout the world. They are most significantly found in tropical areas and rainforests. They can be found commercially in the United States at many home and garden stores or local florist shops.

The word Orchid comes from the Greek word orchis, which translates to testicles. It's thought this may be the reason for their representation in sexuality among many cultures. The plant received this name for the shape of its root tubers that have the appearance of male genitalia.

The Greeks also thought that this reflection of similarity would represent male and female offspring when presented to pregnant women.

Orchids represent many different things and we're here to discuss the reasons you should send orchids to those you love and adore.

Luxury & Opulence

There is history of these flowers throughout the world. During the Victorian era in England, people attached a lot of significance to Orchids. They were rare flowers that were only found in the Tropics and thus were considered symbols of luxury.

Send orchids to someone that you wish success such as the people of ancient Japan. The flowers were treasured and thought to be symbols of wealth.

Orchids have long represented luxury and opulence for they are sensitive and luxurious flowers themselves.


The Victorian era was popular for Orchids as it was custom to send orchids and rare flowers to show love and affection. They were used as key ingredients in love potions throughout other parts of Europe.

It is also thought that Orchids symbolize love because they are easy to grow and they bloom under most conditions.

Love is perhaps the most symbolically relevant to Orchids because of their connection to the ancient Greek link to virility and fertility.


The Greek thought that consuming the root tubers of Orchids would determine the sex of their unborn children.

It was thought that the if the father of an unborn child at large root tubers of the beautiful plant, his wife would carry and give birth to a baby boy. On the other hand, if the wife ate small orchid tubers, she would give birth to a baby girl.

Orchids have been said to represent many children in ancient China. It has become popular custom to present expecting couples with Orchids due to these widespread beliefs.

Perfection & Beauty

There was a striking resemblance to women's attire and the Orchid petals in Victorian England. The dress and the flower are symmetrical and with straight lines. These flowers represent the beauty in symmetry and otherwise rare beauty.

The people of ancient China called these flowers 'Lan Hua', meaning 'the epitome of human perfection'.

Send orchids to someone that you admire for their inner beauty and compassionate nature.


Orchids have been a symbol of strength for millennia. They were thought among the ancient Aztecs to enhance physical strength and provide them with power. The Japanese regarded the Orchid as a symbol of bravery when a warrior found an orchid.

Some Christians believe that certain species of the flower have spots that represent the blood of Christ. Easter and Christmas are popular holidays to send orchids.

Different color Orchids represent even more:

Lavender Orchids

Send Orchids to your mother, lavender Orchids that is. They are a symbol of grace and feminine beauty. You might think refinement.

Lavender orchids are grown in many households for their pure popularity. Some view the lavender Orchid as the most delicate and precious for its pure elegance.

White Orchids

White orchids are popular gifts for anyone near and dear to your heart. They represent innocence and elegance. White orchids are considered symbolic among them all for reverence and humility.

Send Orchids that are white to those celebrating the birth of their new child or christening.

Pink Orchids

Pink Orchids are the 14th and 28th wedding anniversary flower. They represent happiness and joy. You may also find that this flower represents femininity and grace.

The pink color varies among species and can be found in several different parts of the world.

Yellow Orchids

Send yellow Orchids to your friends as they stand for friendship and new beginnings.

Yellow Orchids can be hard to find so it may be best to consult your local florist for advice on locating the special flower. It's a perfect gift for your best friend or someone at work that deserves recognition.

Blue Orchids

Rare blue orchids symbolize rarity and they stand for meditation and spirituality.

They are endangered in some areas and thus some florists and shops recreate the unique blue color with a special dye using white orchids. These flowers bloom naturally in the tropical rainforests of South America and Southeast Asia and have always been a rare and sought-after flower.

Purple Orchids

The purple orchid symbolizes royalty, respect, and admiration. They also represent dignity. They are thought to bring good luck to their recipient and even wealth.

Purple Orchids are the perfect gift for someone that you hold a high level of respect for.

Send Orchids

Now that you've defined the type of orchid that defines your favorite friend, it's time to send orchids!

These luxurious flowers are meant to be handled with care from the time they leave their native habitat until your loved one receives them. Sending orchids is a thoughtful and elegant way to express your thoughts and feelings to someone that you love.

When you want a reliable and fast florist with same day delivery available, contact us! We're here to help you send orchids to the person that deserves them most.