Most Popular Holiday Flowers To Give Family And Friends

 Looking for a great flower arrangement for your next holiday?

There are different holiday Flowers for every occasion, whether they only bloom during a certain time of the year or they have a special meaning.

In this list, we break down the best flowers to gift on each holiday.


Easter rolls around the same time as spring: a time of new beginnings, joy, pastel, colors, and floral patterns.

When you get invited or want to host an Easter party, you should bring the right floral arrangement and make a hit.

As the name dictates, the Easter lily is a popular flower during this holiday. The white petals have religious symbolism like purity and rebirth.

This flower's origins come from the southern islands of Japan, and it naturally doesn't bloom in the spring.

Unlike the Easter lily, the Easter cactus' flowers do bloom during springtime.

Often, popular eastern flowers are picked because they bloom during springtime and are symbols of rebirth. The Hyacinth also blooms in early spring and comes in shades of purple, which is one of the Easter colors.

Other popular holiday flowers for Easter are the daffodil, tulip, and daisy.


Thanksgiving is the season to be thankful, gather with family, and also at the height of fall. We see fall colors everywhere as the leaves begin to turn before falling off the trees.

Thanksgiving holiday flowers should represent the fall colors such as reds, yellows, orange, and others.

As roses colors meanings go, the orange rose is a symbol of energy and enthusiasm. And due to the orange tones, it also symbolizes an ever-burning flame.

You will see the orange rose in many thanksgiving centerpieces. And this holiday centerpiece cannot be completed without yellow sunflowers.

These bright yellow flowers are rays of sunshine and can make anyone feel warm inside by brightening up their day.

Red carnations and lilies are also popular flowers for Thanksgiving flower arrangements.


When it comes to holiday flowers, the poinsettia is the most known symbol of Christmas.

The poinsettia has different Christian symbolism that makes it popular for this holiday. The petals of the flower are said to represent the star of Bethlehem. They naturally bloom during Christmas time.

The Christmas cactus is another popular one among holiday flowers. Although it's associated with the Christmas season, it actually calls the rainforest home and prefers a humid climate.

The Amaryllis flower is also seen decorating homes around Christmas time. The amaryllis is native to South America and comes in red, white, pink, and orange. The white flower is popular during Christmas time.

Other popular flowers include paperwhites, orchids, frosty fern, and rosemary.

New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve parties are all about extravaganza to say goodbye to a new year and welcome a new one.

The Iris flower adorns floral arrangements for New Year's Eve decorations due to their long stems and colorful bulbs. They get their name from the Greek goddess, who was the messenger of love.

You can also see hydrangeas decorating flower arrangements for New Year's Eve. The flower has origins in Japan and it made its way to America in the 1700s.

Hydrangeas come in a variety of colors such as pink, purple, white, and blue. The purple ones are a symbol of wealth and abundance, which is why they play into New Year's Eve traditions.

Other holiday flowers include orchids, lilies, peonies, tulips, and many others.

Mother's Day

Mother's day sees a spike in roses sells, but which are the best colors to gift the most special woman in your life? Pink roses symbolize gratitude when you give mom these flowers you're thanking her for everything.

Pink roses are also a symbol of gentleness, grace, and joy. Yellow flowers are also commonly given to mom because they stand for friendship.

There's no right or wrong way to go when gifting flowers to mom and it also depends on personal preference.

Mom's also like to receive carnations because of their deep meanings. Pink carnations carry the most meaningful significance because they stand for a mother's undying love. White carnations also represent pure love and affection.

Other popular flowers that make an excellent mother's day gift include tulips because they are also symbols of strong undying love.

Father's Day

Maybe you don't think of flower arrangements when you think of father's day. But who says you can't gift that a nice floral arrangement on this day.

There's no right or wrong way to go about this. Just try to stir away from feminine colors such as pinks and purples. Try sticking to rustic and flowers such as yellow sunflowers.

Yellow tulips also make a great flower for dad. You could also get a yellow California poppy which has a unique look.

Orange roses and red carnations also qualify in the father's day category. Make sure the flower arrangement also has lots of greenery.

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day usually equals red roses because they symbolize longing and desire. But your Valentine's Day selection doesn't have to be limited to red roses. Other pink and red flowers also work.

These floral arrangements look the best when combined with red, pink, and white flowers. Baby's breath is like white little clouds and final touches to each arrangement.

Pink Asiatic lilies are a nice touch in Valentine's Day flower arrangements. The flower opens with a classic six-petal light pink flower.

Wax pink flowers have a rustic feel and add character to these arrangements. Pink carnations and pink tulip also fit into this arrangement.

You can mix the red rose arrangement with pink roses and white roses to give it an extra special touch. Don't forget to take into consideration personal preference and have fun.

Holiday Flowers Takeaways

No matter what the holiday or season, you can always find the right flower for an impactful centerpiece. Whether you pick them because you love the smell of it has a special meaning, flowers make everything better.

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