10 Unique Ways to Give Valentines Flowers to Your Love

Valentine's Day is a popular, romantic holiday for sending and receiving Flowers. We're putting a spin on giving Valentine's day flowers this year. Learn more below.

What woman doesn't want a beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered to her on Valentine's Day? Believe it or not, men don't mind receiving flowers also.

Regardless of who you are sending Valentine's day flowers to, the delivery is just as important as the flowers.

Coming up with unique and creative ways to surprise your loved one is part of the intrigue. Yes, sending a bouquet with a dozen roses to their place of employment will win you some brownie points. What if each rose was wrapped in a page torn from a book of love poems?

There are so many ways to make Valentine's Day, or any occasion, special. It simply requires a little imagination and honing in on what warms the heart of the person you are expressing your love.

Here is our guide to 10 unique ways to give flowers on Valentine's Day. Continue reading to see if there is something that will make your valentines flowers stand-out from the rest.

Beautiful Red Long Stem Roses are a Girls Wish for Valentine's Day Flowers

It's Valentine's Day and her eye is glued to the phone, or maybe it's the door. Like most of the women in her office, she is waiting for the receptionist to call and say she has a delivery.

There are hundreds of species of flowers, although only about 10 or 11 can be found at your local florist. On the day for lovers, the only type that will matter are beautiful long stem red roses.

Don't assume the recipient of your bouquet wants to receive the same valentine's day flowers as everyone else. This can be a chance for you to show a side of yourself they haven't seen before.

Step outside the box and do something different. Give a gift that is thoughtful and will have the one you love feeling like a queen for a day.

1. Remembering your First Date

First dates are always memorable occasions. It was the day that you embarked on your journey of love. Find a way to recreate the mood this Valentine's Day.

Did she wear a floral print dress on your first date? How sentimental would it be to send her a bouquet of the flowers or color of flowers from that day?

Did he give you flowers on your first date? Send him his own version of the same bouquet. He would be surprised to know you remembered the gesture.

No flowers or a floral dress, no problem. Flowers come in many colors. A yellow dress or a purple shirt worn on your first date can be the color of your valentines flowers.

Enclose a note expressing the sentiment behind the gift.

2. Give a Dish Garden

Sometimes when we think of valentines flowers we focus solely on women. Love is universal. His gift deserves something extra too. And don't forget the kiddies and your single friends.

Dish Gardens can be designed to fit anyone on your list.

Choose the perfect plant from our assortment of green plants, blooming plants, and tropical plants. Head over to our floral selections and choose flowers to accentuate the dish.

For the special lady in your life check out our beautiful red roses, they are the signature of romance. When giving a dish garden to a close friend include yellow roses, the flower of friendship. A dish garden for children can be simple and include daisies of sunflowers.

The man in your life is sure to love the Arizona Cactus Flower.

Dish gardens are the gift that keeps on going. The recipient will have a lasting memory of your love and thoughtfulness.

3. Deliver Valentine's Day Flowers in an Upscale Special Vase with a Few Extras

Any gift that comes from the heart will be remembered for quite some time. This is why giving your valentine's day flowers their own unique flair will always be remembered.

A few simple touches can go a long way.

  • Choose an elegant high-end vase for an elite upscale look. Taller vases give long stem roses a graceful and sleek sophistication.
  • Place rocks in the bottom of the vase to add an organic natural beauty to your valentines flowers.
  • Stones in her favorite color added to the bottom of the vase are another added touch. They personalize the arrangement and also add another dimension of color.
  • Lilly Grass Wrap is a creative way to add an elegant touch to a single flower or a full bouquet. The strands can be crafted to flow like a ribbon through the flowers. It can also be interwoven like a basket weave and wrapped around the flower stems.
  • Foliage art gives texture, color, shape, and proportion to your valentine's day flowers. Palm leaves and eucalyptus are two popular additions to floral arrangements.

Sometimes it's the simple things that matter. Ask your florist for quick easy was to spruce up our flowers.

4. Dinner, Flowers and a Little Something Extra

No Valentine's day flowers arrived at her office and she's feeling blue. The plan is to take her to a fancy restaurant and have the waiter bring the bouquet of roses out before dessert.

Imagine her surprise when she sees the ring boxed tucked safely between the rosebuds.

If the restaurant you choose isn't a 5-Star steakhouse, no problem. When her favorite eatery is a country-themed diner, the plan can still work. Have someone close to her make a special delivery. A cutesy bundle of mixed flowers tied with a ribbon to match her simplicity.

The surprise this time is the diamond ring hanging from the bow.

Even if marriage isn't on the horizon, any form of jewelry will be an added touch to your floral bouquet.

Valentine's Day isn't always a couple's thing. If the kids are tagging along you can incorporate gifts for them. Maybe you can give them a stuffed animal with a ribbon matching the one on mom's flowers.

5. Workplace Delivery

Let's face it, the ultimate way to deliver valentine's day flowers are to her workplace. If you decide to go this route, make sure they are in a floral arrangement that will make her proud to be your lady.

To make the delivery unique, there are a few things you can do to sweeten the bouquet.

Maybe you have an upcoming trip planned to the beautiful island of Hawaii. Send her a special reminder. Instead of traditional roses, send her an arrangement with exotic flowers.

Have a close coworker of hers sign for the delivery and take them to her desk carrying Hawaiian leis that she passes out to others along the way. By the time the coworker reaches her desk, the other ladies will be in total awe.

Not only will they think she is the luckiest girl in the world, but you'll win kudos of your own. Plus the entire office will smell like a tropical paradise.

Speaking of fragrant flowers, if the flowers you choose do not have a strong fragrance, spray them with her favorite perfume. Lilac, Freesia, Rose, and Orchid are popular floral scents.

6. Flowers and Movie Tickets Make a Great Combination

Tickets to a romantic movie or play make for an excellent gift. Do you place the tickets inside a card and lay it on the table during breakfast? Or, do you come up with something to accent the moment?

You can't go wrong with a gift of a nice flower arrangement. To make the arrangement pop, instead of a standard card include a "Date Card" asking that she meet you at a designated location at a set time.

Another option is to place the tickets on the cardholder. The prospect of a romantic evening with the man she loves will have her daydreaming all day.

In addition, this unique valentine's day flowers set-up will also remind her how lucky she is to have such a thoughtful guy in her life.

Another fun theme is to send the valentines flowers in a clear cylinder vase and fill it halfway with red rocks or miniature hearts. You could also include a box of chocolates.

7. Sports Themed Floral Arrangements

This unique idea for giving valentines flowers is similar to the above set-up. Instead of movie tickets or a night at the theater, celebrate his favorite sports team.

If his favorite sports team is local or within driving distance, why not sweeten the pot with a pair of tickets to an upcoming game. Other suggested items include a miniature ball, flowers and/or balloons in his team's colors.

Another idea is to find a bobblehead doll of his favorite player or the team's mascot. Include the bobblehead in a dish garden or candy basket.

Either method is sure to make you a winner in his eyes. You give him something he truly adores. You also get to prove that you're paying attention and know what he likes.

8. Create Her Very Own Flower Stand

They're seen near busy intersections and sometimes by the exits as we leave the interstate. They make their living selling inexpensive flowers and sometimes gifts.

Show here that you know the difference between cheap flowers and those from a high-end florist. Trust us; she will be able to tell the difference.

You will need to do a little strategizing to ensure your plan goes off without a hitch. Enlist the help of someone she is not familiar with.

Create your own curbside vendor to set-up on a corner near your home. With your special person in the car, pull over and pretend to buy his entire inventory.

Of course, that inventory will include all of her favorite valentines flowers from her favorite florist. For extra effect include some fine chocolates and a few stuffed animals.

Make it a grand production, debating over which items she can get. When she least expects it, agree to buy everything he has available.

Don't forget to have someone filming the entire exchange.

9. Gift Baskets

Gourmet gift baskets are a popular item on Valentine's Day.

Gift baskets come with an assortment of goodies ranging from champagne, imported cheeses, an array of fresh fruit and nuts. Additional items may include caviar and gourmet popcorn.

A more romantic gesture can include adding chocolates and valentines flowers, or a cute stuffed animal.

The arrangement can come in a wicker basket or wooden chest. Consult with your florist for the finishing touches.

Another option is a candy gift basket full of chocolates. As with the gourmet basket, add some flowers for an added touch.

Both the gourmet and candy baskets can be given to a woman or man. They also make great gifts for friends.

10. Host a Valentine's Day Party for Couples in Your Circle of Friends

What better way to show off your beautiful valentine's day flowers than host a cocktail party and with your floral arrangement as the guest of honor.

Create a romantic theme and make sure you place flowers where everyone can come in and admire their beauty. Purchase extra roses and give one to each couple as they arrive.

Serve hot and cold appetizers followed by a sexy dessert bar including strawberries, chocolate, and cheesecake bites. You the menu off with signature drinks in honor of you and our spouse's love for each other.

The night can be full of couple-themed games with popular love songs playing in the background.

Be creative and make it interactive. Plan a Valentine's Day themed project that each couple can create together. Or, plan a moment where each couple shares their favorite Valentine's Day story.

Enjoy Our List of Unique Ways to Celebrate the People You Love

We hope this list inspires you to step outside the box the next time Valentine's Day comes around.

Flowers make the day special. Doing something unique with the flowers shows that special person how much he or she means to you.

Whether it is your spouse, significant other, child or best friend, everyone can get in the spirit and let their creative juices flow.

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